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Receive Lockport Woman’s Club Blog Posts by Email

Never miss an update on the Lockport Woman’s Club blog by getting the posts via email. What kinds of things do we post on the  blog? We post updates about what we’re doing like book club meetings, general meetings, service projects, and other news that about the LWC, GFWC Illinois, and GFWC.

It’s very simple to receive blog posts by email, here’s what you do:

1. Go to

2. On the right hand side of the home page, you see this box:

3. Enter your email address and click the SUBSCRIBE button.

4. You will then see this box:

5. Open your email client, and open the email with the subject Conform your subscription for It looks something like this:

6. Click the “Confirm Follow” button.

7. You’re then taken to a webpage that will have this banner:

You’ll now get every Lockport Woman’s Club blog post in your email!

If you need help, please comment below, and our Webmaster Amy Byrne will help you out.



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