Our History

Some important dates in our Club’s history:

  • Organized: 1902
  • Illinois Federation: 1905
  • Eleventh District Federation: 1909
  • Incorporated: September 2, 1919
  • General Federation: 1923

More information about the Lockport Woman’s Club:

  • Our Club colors are red and white.
  • Our traditional Club motto is, “With malice towards non, with charity for all.”
  • Our traditional Club emblem is a star with the words: Toleration, Justice, Fidelity, Fraternity, Cooperation
  • Our 21st Century Club emblem* is a leaf with the words, Dedication, Compassion, Strength

GFWC’s emblem depicts a circular band signifying eternity. In the center of the circular band, the crusader’s shield emerges from a darkened world (represented by the field of darkness), which represents enlightenment. The enameled colors—red, white, and blue—are the colors of the United States of America. The red implies courage, the white equals purity, and the blue stands for constancy.