Community Service Projects

Each month, members of the Lockport Woman’s Club collect items for charities that serve area residents. By participating in these projects, we harness the vast resources of our membership to address the needs of their individual communities. As members of the GFWC, the  Community Service Programs and Special Programs focus on major issues that affect our communities daily—supporting women’s health, preserving natural resources, promoting literacy and equality, citizen advocacy, and encouraging volunteer service.

There are some projects that are ongoing and some that are for a specific month. Listed below are the service projects for the 2017-2018 Club year,

September 2017: We collected school supplies for the residents of SOS Village

October 2017: Collect items for a woman’s shelter

November 2017: Collect Christmas gifts for children

December 2017: No specific collection this month, continue to collect for our ongoing projects.

January 2018: Collect items for foster children suitcases – more information to come.

February 2018: Collect books and supplies for Fairmont School.

March 2018: Collect Books for Veterans and Brain Cancer Research (both of these are ongoing projects, as well.)

April 2018: Collect items for TLC Animal Shelter

May 2018: Collect gift cards for the Lockport Township High School Lock In