Our Mission Statement

To foster interest of its membership in literary, scientific, musical, historical, and other topics of general interest to promote culture and cordial relations among women and to contribute to the welfare of the community.

2017-2018 Board of Directors

  • President: Chris Wallace
  • 1st Vice President & Finance Chairman: Jane Passaglia
  • 2nd Vice President & Program Chairman: Amy Byrne
  • Recording Secretary: Carol Coverdill
  • Correspondence Secretary: Kathy McCarthy
  • Treasurer: Susan Drake
  • Assistant Treasurer & Membership Chairman: Nola Lara

Board of Directors

  • Kimberly Bell
  • Karen Custer
  • Diane DeCero
  • Lynn Doyle, Past President
  • Barbara Mullins

Some important dates in our Club’s history:

  • Organized: 1902
  • Illinois Federation: 1905
  • Eleventh District Federation: 1909
  • Incorporated: September 2, 1919
  • General Federation: 1923

More information about the Lockport Woman’s Club:

  • Our Club colors are red and white.
  • Our traditional Club motto is, “With malice towards non, with charity for all.”
  • Our traditional Club emblem is a star with the words: Toleration, Justice, Fidelity, Fraternity, Cooperation
  • Our 21st Century Club emblem* is a leaf with the words, Dedication, Compassion, Strength

Lest We Forget

  • All meetings shall begin promptly.
  • Annual dues of $35.00 are due by May 1st.
  • A member is responsible for her dues until her written resignation is received by the Corresponding Secretary.
  • Members shall notify the Corresponding Secretary of any change of address, telephone, email, or other information.
  • Members are responsible for payment of reservations unless cancelled by the deadline.